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6 Ways to Green Your Event

by Marva Lewis on September 14, 2012
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6 Ways to Consider Greening your meeting to create a more sustainable community

Looking for ways to green your meeting or event. Below are some easy ways to do this!

  1. This is an easy one and most groups are doing this now.  Reduce your photocopying. Create an electronic outlet to upload your session documents. The easiest way to accomplish this is to upload PDF documents on your website. However, take it one step further and provide audio with slides of your sessions to keep individuals that were not able to attend engaged. Many times, this will boost attendance for your next year’s conference. Also, this also may be way to generate revenue with sponsor ads on your audio links. Exhibitors love this.
  2. Select hotels, suppliers, vendors with green policies and practices.
  3. Get rid of  water of bottles during your breaks. Ask for attractive water coolers and stations. Furthermore, provide your attendees with an eco-friendly water bottle that they can use during the conference for refills. Just make sure your bottle is constructed of post-consumer recycled, food-compliant PETE and BPA-free materials.
  4. What do you do with your outdated foam core meeting signs that you will never use again? Instead of file thirteen (the dumpster), donate it to a local art school or art program. Art programs in public schools are consistently faced with budget cuts. Foam core is a big expense item. By protecting our environment, you are also doing something good for the local community.
  5. Donate your used lanyards and name badges to a local school. They will love this! Also, if your lanyards are customized, what a great way to showcase your organization.
  6. Help to create a more sustainable future – consider donating any leftover food that has not been touched to a local food bank – if the hotel allows it. Feeding America has a national food bank to help locate local banks across the nation – www.feedingamerica.org. If your hotel or venue is hesitant or have liability concerns – refer them to the Bill Emerson Food Donation Act – http://www.usda.gov/news/pubs/gleaning/seven.htm.

 These are just a handful of suggestions. Please share with us some of the ways you have made your meeitng more eco-friendly.